Video Games Which Will Make You The Happiest You Can Be

The feeling of happiness and fulfilment is not something you can easily come by. There are a plethora of games out there that can leave you with a feeling of emptiness, especially when you finish them. Likewise, there are plenty of games which will leave you smiling afterwards, being happier than you would have ever expected, at least from a video game.

Here are the top video games which will leave you smiling.


Released in 2009, developed by Radical Entertainment, this is game which leaves you happier, especially if you were angry before you started playing it. You play as Alex Mercer, a being capable of shape-shifting their body into a plethora of weapons. You can run fast, jump over buildings, take no fall damage and kick people and infected people like they are footballs.

You can smash tanks, cut monsters in half and rampage around Manhattan at your will. It is a game that can help you vent any feeling of anger you might have, no matter how huge. If it does not leave you happy, you will at least be anger and stress-free.

Chrono Trigger

Square’s hit game for Nintendo took everyone by surprise and it still is, 23 years later. Published in 1995, the game features a boy named Crono who transcends time with his friends. They are on a mission to stop the world from becoming a dark, dark place. This sounds like every eastern RPG ever, yet this one redefined the genre, offering 11 different endings and a feeling of wholesomeness that is certainly lacking in many modern games. The music is also astoundingly beautiful, to this day played by orchestras.

The Secret of Monkey Island

From the iconic opening theme to the recurring Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate™ sentence, the game is about as happy as they can get. The initial release was in 1990, but there is a special edition featuring voice lines for the entire game, as well as the original version, which you can switch by pressing a simple button. This is a classic game and if you know anything about adventure games, then you have to play this if you haven’t already.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

For most people, unsurprisingly enough, the world of Skyrim is a perfect world to explore. Its immersive landscapes and creatures can draw you in and take you somewhere else. Turning off all the quests and even the HUD can immerse you even further.

These are some of the most immersive games that can leave you happier or feeling just a bit better. Some are thrilling, others just relaxing, all of them better for your overall mental health.