Is it Better to Play Cards in Person or Online?

Whether you play cards in a casino or on the computer, the game is still the same. Players bet, bluff, deliver and receive bad bets in both. A lot of the skills that you acquire by playing in person can be applied when you play online and vice versa, and many online betting websites such as William Hill can make your betting experience even better and more realistic once you get used to the online environment. Making a decision of which one is better for you essentially boils down to what kind of a player you are and your personal preferences.

Advantages of live play

One obvious difference when you are playing cards online is that you cannot see your opponent, and, in turn, they cannot see you, so the online game lacks the role of “physical tells.” You need the skill to read others, and at the same time learn how to be difficult to read yourself. Some say that the best part of playing cards is the table talk that happens during the game, and that is something that playing online simply cannot give you.

Experienced players who prefer live game make use of this extensively and are able to “profile” their opponents pretty quickly, especially those with less experience who inadvertently give away plenty of information pretty quickly at the table. This is why playing live can be very intimidating for novice players, so they typically start online at micro-stake levels and then move up.

Another advantage is that the bets are much higher in live play. The average online player is younger and starts off with small amounts of money, which means that the bets are going to be lower. This is a huge difference between playing live and online.

Advantages of playing online

Like we previously mentioned, if you are a novice, starting online is perhaps better until you have figured out the ins and outs of the game. For those who have strong physiological reactions to the game and don’t know how to keep their cool, hiding behind the monitor screen is ideal. Additionally, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home – you can play when you want and stop when you have had enough, which is much more convenient. Transactions also take only a few minutes, so you can deposit and withdraw your money in an instant.

Players who have tried playing both live and online, say that playing card online is more dynamic because the pace is faster. Live games are pretty slow and can go on and on for hours. On the other hand, the online game is instantaneous. Everything is faster – the cards are dealt instantly, the hands are played quickly and the pot is shipped straight away with no mistakes. Some say that you can play more hands during a single day online than you could in an entire month playing live.

Another thing that those who prefer playing online appreciate is the fact that you can play two or more games at once online, which is something that you cannot do playing live. This is a significant upside since you can have multiple windows opened for multiple games, and playing cards live can never offer that.