How to Start Your Own Gaming YouTube Channel

People spend most of their leisure time online. Some prefer to watch their favorite TV series, and some are more into having fun on sites similar to Recently, watching gaming channels has become extremely popular and more and more gamers show their gaming skills through their channels. Starting your own channel could be a fun hobby, or a serious venture, if you decide to take it to that level. For a hobbyist, you would need to upload videos on a regular basis, while a professional requires a bit more knowledge and equipment.

Here is what you need to do to start your own YouTube gaming channel.

Choose a Game and Name

If you want to start, the first thing to do is choose a game. People stick to a single game as that helps establish a brand. Sticking to one game also grants you knowledge superiority, as you are far more likely to learn more by playing just one game as opposed to ten games.

Choosing a game depends on what you like to play, and if you’re looking to be a professional YouTuber, you need to look for profitable games.

Your name is what you will be known by, what you will be referred to, so picking one that has flair and is easy to remember is key. Do not use your personal name and surname.

Consider Upgrading Your Computer

While recording video is easy with a budget PC, it might tank your frametimes, giving both you and your viewers an unpleasant experience. Using an external capture card is probably the cheapest way of recording videos without affecting frame rates and frametimes.

Likewise, you should consider upgrading because you will need to edit your videos, at the beginning, at least. It is unlikely that you will have a budget to pay for an editor while you are starting your YouTube career, even more so if you plan on doing it as a hobby.

Be Consistent

The most important thing to do when uploading to YouTube is being consistent. The algorithms award consistency and daily uploads. Highlight videos are therefore quite popular and easy to maintain, compared to full-length guides and in-depth, specialized videos.

You should not sacrifice quality for quantity, though, as that leaves you with a bunch of videos which are not going to be memorable.

Don’t Give Up

The best thing you could do to keep your channel growing is not giving up. Sure, there will be more channels with more views and a bigger following, yet they have not reached that point in just a few months. Being consistent, marketing yourself, not giving up and being patient will all have its rewards in due time.

These are a few tips that can help you start your YouTube gaming channel. Stay positive and be consistent and you will eventually reach a solid fan base and maybe even some profit.