How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Everyone wants to earn money and some people invest their entire lives into corporate ladders and climbing the world of hard work and suits. Some people just want to play video games and earn their money that way. Others invest their money into casinos with new slot sites UK offers or bet on their favorite sports teams. Parents, before the internet took off, were quite skeptical of their children playing video games for a living.

Today, that is not just possible, but a reality for millions of people. Here is how you can turn your hobby and passion for video games into profit.


Streaming is one of the most popular ways of earning money, as it allows you to interact directly with the fans and therefore building a fan base quicker, as well as your own personal brand. Streaming also helps if you are not shy in front of a camera and have any sort of stage presence.

Some people stream for the gameplay, as they are fantastic players while others are just entertaining. In the end, streaming is a form of entertainment, but it can also be a good source of income, if done patiently enough and with smart marketing.

YouTube Videos

Those who prefer making videos to streaming might find it better to upload content to their YouTube channel. Streaming requires you to be at your best unless your streamer persona is a grumpy, growling cat, ready to pounce at the first sign of disturbance. YouTube videos come with the extra benefit of you being able to prepare selected content for your fan base. You have to be consistent and have daily uploads, however.

Marketing is also important, as well as a constant flow of subscribers. Quality is also paramount, as quantity alone will not get you ahead. There are plenty of channels with quantity over quality, many of them struggling to get enough views.


Boosting is taking someone else’s account in online multiplayer games, typically, and taking it above their current rank, usually to the highest possible one. Boosting pays a lot of money but is considered against the rules in many games. Boosters usually do not suffer any penalties, but the account being boosted may get banned. Boosting also requires tremendous skill and patience, both not easily obtainable.

Writing Guides

Guides used to be quite a big deal in the 2000s. They still are a great opportunity to earn money, as there are sites which reward detailed and instructive guides. Writing them requires you to have a lot of in-game experience so playing is necessary.


Probably the most coveted way of earning money by playing video games is esports. Professional gaming is prestigious and requires you to be at the top of your game and better than everyone else. Getting picked up by a top-tier team ensures a high salary, yet it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice, like any professional sports career.

These are some of the ways you can earn money by playing video games. Not all of them have the same salaries or guaranteed ones, so be careful when making your choice.