Top Three Sports Games

All sports fans enjoy playing games featuring their favorite sports. The most popular sports in the world are football and basketball, so it is no surprise that the most popular sports games include these two sports. Whether you’re interested in the Odds when betting or you just enjoy watching some good sportsmanship, the following games have taken the world by a storm and don’t show any signs of slowing down!

Football – FIFA 19 and PES 2019

The debate which one is better never ceases to stop, but one thing is certain – FIFA 19 (by EA) and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (by Konami) are the two most popular football games of all time.

The rivalry between these two games goes way back, and both of them enjoyed supremacy for periods of time. Ultimately, whether you choose one or the other depends on what type of a player you are.


Even though FIFA 18 was an excellent game, its successor, FIFA 19, manages to outshine it. The biggest updates are more game modes and more licenses, and let’s not forget the overall feeling that the gameplay is much smoother and more fluid.

The EA Sports developers worked hard to make noticeable changes in the flow of the game. There is also a new feature called “Active Touch System” which enables the ‘on the pitch gameplay’ to feel a lot more natural, and all the new animations feel far more realistic. The visuals were tweaked, as well. The players’ faces have more movement and detail, and the crowd is more animated, too – you can see them taking selfies or waving crested flags.

FIFA 19 offers plenty of customization options and game modes. The greatest additions to the game are the official licenses for the UEFA Champions League, Super Cup, and Europa League, and all the in-game details are reproduced with utmost quality.

PES 2019

Konami had a significant advantage as PES 2019 hit shelves an entire month before FIFA 19. Even after a couple of played games, you can see that the latest Pro Evolution Soccer game represents football simulation at its finest, and the new refinements are evident.

One thing that distinguishes PES from FIFA is better animations, without a doubt. They are eerily accurate and lead to more realistic and better gameplay. The passing and the movement of the teams are significantly improved when compared to previous versions.

Winning the ball, passing and jostling also feel more realistic, and you can easily observe the difference in players’ strength and the ease with which those players with outstanding techniques wriggle with the ball on the pitch.

However, losing the UEFA Champions League and Europa League licenses to EA Sports was a heavy blow for Konami, and it slightly overshadows the unmatched reproduction of football that this game has to offer, despite having licenses for some of the most iconic teams of today.


NBA 2K19 is the ultimate, undefeated champion when it comes to basketball video games. The game gets better each year when it comes to graphics and the overall atmosphere of the NBA courts it brings.

The number of customizable options, camera positioning, and game assists is unbelievable, and it goes from a simple choice of using 2K’s adaptive cam or a side-court camera, to deciding if you want the game’s assistance to pull of professional moves or you prefer the manual offense/defense activation.

Basketball fans are definitely going to enjoy the smoothness of play, impressive moves and an abundance of game modes.