The Best Ways to Discover New Video Games

Video games can get repetitive after your who-knows-which playthrough. Once you stop counting the playthroughs and know every nook and cranny of a certain level, area or the entire game, you should consider moving onto a new game or maybe even try out a 22Bet Bonus. Yet, finding out about new video games requires a little effort, so you should know where to look.

Here are some simple ways that you can use to find about new video games.

Video Game News Sites

This is probably the easiest way you can stay updated on everything video game-related. News sites have daily reports about upcoming games, trailers, rumors and interviews. Anything and everything, from mobile gaming, to console and PC gaming, you can find about on news sites. Make sure that you find a reputable news site and not get stuck on a second-hand blog which recycles better-quality content.

The downside of large news sites is that the overwhelming amount of data and information can be cumbersome and might not point you in the best direction.

Sites Specializing for Certain Genres

This is the best solution if you prefer one genre over another. If you are a die-hard RPG fan, there is no need to spend time on RTS forums or fighting game sites. You should stick to RPG sites and then look for news and updates there. The frequency of news updates will not be as intensive as with global, general news sites, yet you will have the information you need, filtered and uncluttered.


Reddit is one of the best places to find information about everything. You can find subreddits and join them. There are subreddits dedicated to gaming in general and to specific genres. That way, you can follow any subreddit which information you think might be relevant to your gaming needs and that way stay updated.

There are even subreddits dedicated to special games, or characters inside of a game. It is a great site to find not only news, but also guides.

Friends and YouTubers

If you have friends who are into video games, they will likely have recommendations on what you should try. This also accounts online friends if you are playing multiplayer games. Chances are that all of them have at least another game that they are playing and which they will recommend.

Another great source of information are gamer channels on YouTube. They tend to make news videos, playthrough videos and all kinds of content which is related to video games, old and new. Many playthrough channels thrive as they are the first ones to post videos of the newest games. They are a great source of information.

These are some ways you can use to find yourself a new video game to play. Following news sites, browsing on Reddit or YouTube or just talking with your friends, are all viable ways of finding out about new games. Whichever one you prefer should net you with something new to explore and play at least once, if not many times.