Types Of Gamers – Which One Are You?

Gaming is a hobby that many people love doing in their spare time. For others, it is a professional calling, earning them enough money to last a lifetime. Some compete in professional esports, while others love streaming from the comfort of their large gaming chairs and earn a lot of money and followers that way.

Gaming attracts different kinds of people and personalities. Here are some of the common gaming stereotypes you may encounter or relate to.

The Hater

This type of gamer was either teased or judged as a child and grew to be rather resentful to anyone and everyone. Being overly critical towards this type of gamer in multiplayer games is sure to get you on their bad side, meaning a lot of bad words sent your way. They tend to be negative in general and are rarely seen leaving their gambling cave (their mom’s basement, in popular culture).

The Elite

This type of gamer is probably the most annoying one, as they tend to be very arrogant, even if knowledgeable about their game of choice. Likewise, they will always defend one game and place it on a pedestal, way above anything else that is objectively either similar or neck and neck (in sales and reviews and genre comparison). They will judge and tease anyone below their skill level, always having a bad word to remind you of their alleged superiority.

The Non-Gamer Gamer

These types of gamers are the ones who own a couple of games, or even lots of them, yet have them hidden somewhere in the dark parts of their hard drives, where no person ever ventured. They will deny any and all connections to gaming, except that one or two times when they meet someone who is exactly the same. They also tend to be silent in multiplayer games and have unmemorable in-game names.

The Explorer

These types of gamers love venturing deep into a game’s code, finding out all the possible bugs and exploits. They tend to always have an edge in multiplayer games, as they know all the bugs and when they can happen. RPG open world games are their favorite playgrounds, where they find the most interesting bugs and bloopers, using online video sharing services to share their love of exploration with the world. They also dislike cheaters, albeit, that is universal for all gamer types except the cheaters.

The Buddy

This is the type of gamer who will always have something nice to say, something to offer you, whether in game or in real life. They will either have a new game for you to play, words of comfort or encouragement or just a virtual pat on the back. Sometimes, especially in multiplayer games, that is all that is needed.

These are the various gamer types. Can you relate to any of them? You can certainly find more specialized sub-types, yet these ones are pretty common in both multiplayer games, and offline, away from sunlight and other people.