How to Prepare for Your First Gaming Event

Ever wanted to go to that gaming convention nearby? You heard that your favorite streamers and players will be there, to meet and greet the fans, to socialize and hang out and you wanted to join in the fun. Yet, something always stopped you. Is it fear? It is, after all, an event where most of your favorite esports players and streamers alike will be present, alongside many others.

You want to show yourself in a good light, here is what you should do.

Deep Breaths – Be Yourself

The thing to remember, no matter where you are is to be relaxed and calm. You are meeting your favorite streamer, so what. They are, as we all are, human beings, prone to doing similar things throughout the day. Sure, they have more followers on a streaming site, but they are still human.

Deep breaths and talk to them as if you would to your friends, or someone you have yet to meet, but who you want to show respect to. If you act like you normally do, you will not surprise anyone or regret that you held anything back. There is no shame in being yourself.

The Practical Stuff

Every gaming convention usually lasts for more than one day, meaning you need to get your logistics straight.


Find accommodation in the town or city where the event is taking place. Look for gamer friends you know, try and find rooms with them, or at their houses. You will feel more relaxed with people similar to you, rather than at a formal place such as a hotel.


This is an important one, so make sure that you book your tickets ahead of time, so that you don’t get unpleasant surprises such as no seats on your last minute flight or bus. Having your own car is even better, as you can simply drive to the location, and around the place hosting the event.


Look at the weather forecast for the next couple of days surrounding the event. You don’t want to pack light only to get caught in a freak shower or snowstorm. Pack accordingly, which also means taking into account your transportation, meaning place or bus. It is easier with your own car, again.

Socialize – Make Contact

At the event, since you will be surrounded by fellow gamers, you will want to socialize and make contact with them. That is the easiest way of getting to know new people and making some new friends. Who knows, some of them you might keep meeting in real life, while others might become your new duo buddies. Mingle, talk and most importantly, have fun.

Going to a gaming convention is very similar to any other convention, except that here, you will be surrounded by gamers. The rules stay the same, pack simple and light, arrange transportation and accommodation and have fun. These tips will ensure that you have a good time, no matter the size and type of convention.