Most Popular RPG Events in the UK

Role-playing games are taking the world by storm. That is why there are plenty of events for RPG fans in the UK throughout the year when they get the chance to meet other people who are just as passionate for these games. Here are two of the most significant RPG events in the UK.

  1. UK Games Expo

Without a doubt, UK Games Expo is the most important gaming event in the UK where those who enjoy gaming can gather, be it card games, board games, miniature, and family games or role-playing games. The organizers aim to make a fun event that can appeal to the general public, gaming enthusiasts and families, as well.

There are championships and tournaments, participation and demonstration games, seminars and talks, space dedicated to open gaming and roleplaying games, guest authors and artists, and even a family zone where kids can do plenty of fun things.

The next UK Games Expo is taking place from 31st May to June 2nd, 2019 in the NEC and Hilton Hotel, near Birmingham. If you want to sign up for one or more of their 356 role-playing game sessions that are scheduled during the Expo better hurry up because there are only a few places left. The most popular gaming sessions, like Lost Mines of Phandelver Part 1 (Dungeons and Dragons 5th), Bark of the Daemons (Manifold) and Massacre on THX-1138 (Star Wars Force and Destiny) were sold out months ago.

What sets this convention apart is the Family Zone with various activities and games that kids can participate in. There is a group of Children’s Roleplaying Game Masters who are dedicated to entertaining the youngest attendees. You can find them in Hall 2, where kids can choose one of four role-playing games for which they need no knowledge of rules, just a willingness to learn, and a little imagination. These games include The Waters of Life, The Flames of Krakatosh, Earth Defence Force Alpha and Firmament Falls, and they are suited for kids aged five to twelve.

  1. Dragonmeet

Dragonmeet is a one-day convention entirely focused on role-playing games, which makes it the biggest convention of its kind. The next one is taking place on December 1st, 2018, at Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London, from 9 am till midnight.

The convention day is filled with industry panels, meet and greet events, seminars, bring and buy, book signings, cosplay events, tournaments in miniature games, board games and RPG. Dragonmeet Charity Auction is also taking place in the evening, with limited edition or collectors’ products on offer, all for a great cause. The convention space is this year expanded to two big halls, which means more open gaming space and more RPG space.

RPG fans will have also be thrilled to find out that John Kovalic, a cartoonist, illustrator, and writer specializing in the fantasy role-playing genre, is going to be at Dragonmeet signing the new “Exit Pursued by a Muskrat” promo card.