Should You Game on a Console or a Mobile Phone or a PC – A Short Guide

The question of whether you should join the PC master race or just stick to console gaming has always plagued the minds of gamers. Nowadays, with the growing power and possibilities of smartphones, you can game on those, too. Besides playing games you can also do online betting with the Moplay bonus code 2019 or online shopping which just goes to show how far technology has come. There are more questions and more answers.

As to whether you should be a console, PC or mobile phone gamer can be answered with practical answers. Here is what you should consider before going out to the nearest retailer.

Do You Work on a PC?

If you have lots of work and are using a PC to do it, you already have a platform which you can game on. If the PC in question is weak (a potato PC, colloquially), you can surely upgrade it, as that is one of the main benefits of PC gaming, alongside better framerates, frametimes and higher refresh rate monitors.

Buying a PC strictly for gaming is a very costly endeavor, especially if you are looking at the highest possible specifications. Unless you are very passionate about gaming, or you want to be a professional gamer or you have very deep pockets, then buying a PC strictly for gaming is not the most cost-effective idea, unless you get a solid deal. Enter consoles and mobile phones.

Console Gaming – The Budget Friendly Variants

Many people sell used consoles nowadays, and you can get them for quite a bargain, so cheap that you wouldn’t be able to purchase one decent PC part for that amount of money. Console gaming is simple, you need a TV or monitor, a couple of controllers and a console.

Back in the 2000s, consoles were lagging behind PC developments, but today, they are creeping up on the PC standards, allowing for relatively smooth 4K gameplay.

Buying a console for casual, yet more serious gaming is definitely a good idea. You can play console-exclusive titles and online multiplayer games, for a fraction of the price you would spend on an entire PC plus operating system plus games. Consoles are looking more attractive as they become more powerful and cheaper to produce.

Mobile Phone Gaming

There are some pretty powerful mobile phones today, which can run even the fastest and most intense software, do things like video editing without much hassle. It comes as no surprise that you can also game on mobile phones, playing classics like GTA: Vice City and San Andreas and the Final Fantasy games. Since almost everyone has a mobile phone, it is probably the best idea for budget gaming on the go. Even if the phone in question is not the most powerful device on the market, it will still be able to run games, simple ones, and even the more complex classics.

It is the perfect choice for a gamer with a budget.

So, whether you should be a PC gamer, console gamer or mobile phone gamer depends on a few things, such as practicality, budget and the sheer love for gaming, as well as a more long-term goal of being a professional.

Either of the 3 choices is great, provided that some requirements are met. Each of the 3 devices can be a sensible choice if you weigh the benefits of each device and your own budget and desire for gaming.