Gaming Party Ideas – At Home Conventions, Parties and Meetings

Having fellow gamers around can make your gaming experience better. Sometimes, you want to organize something special, make your time together even more rewarding. Some people prefer just meeting and chatting while others love gaming more than anything else.

Here are some ideas about an at home gaming party you can put into practice any time.

Standard LAN Party

If all of you like playing games, the best thing you can do is organize a LAN party. This requires a couple of terms to be met. The most important one is having enough computers for everybody. See whether your fellow gamers will be bringing their own PCs, and if not, see whether you can provide them with something to game on.

If you have a console, have in mind that lots of video games now have cross-platform multiplayer options. If you are more familiar with the console than your friends, leave them the PC and you take the controller.

Like any party, snacks and beverages are always welcome.

Movie Night

There are plenty of movies that are based on video games or which deal with the subject of video games. That alone gives you more solutions and choices. If not, ask your friends what they prefer and find common ground. The movie databases online are so large that there will definitely be something to suit everyone’s tastes.

You can also make a playlist of said movies and enjoy an all-nighter. You can also do marathons of a certain TV show or movie series. Everyone loves a good Lord of the Rings marathon.

Board Games

The odds are better when you’re inviting gamers that some of them, if not all of them, are also into board games. They are a great way of using your imagination and socializing, as well as resting your eyes from endless stares into backlit panels.

Board games have, as one of their primary goals, to facilitate socializing, not to mention being a great recreational activity.


Planning a nice meal for your friends might just make things more interesting than a standard gaming night. Sure, you can game every night, but not eat a homemade meal. If you put your effort into it (maybe get some help from someone with a kitchen sense, if you’re not familiar with cooking) you can show your friends a good time.


No gaming convention is over without a quiz of some sort. Pick your topics ahead of time, so that you can prepare a solid number of questions. There should always be a prize with these kinds of activities. If you know something your friends will specifically prefer, then organizing the prize part is easy. In-game purchases and cosmetics are often a safe backup plan.


You can easily organize a tournament in your favorite games of choice. Sports games and fighting games are probably the easiest ones for that kind of night in. Shooter games also make for an easy task. RTS games can take longer, not to mention the turn-based ones.

Be sure to plan ahead, if you’re gonna organize a tournament, as that also takes preparation time, as well as prizes.

These are some ideas which you can easily turn into a great gaming convention at home. Plan ahead, as with any group activity and remember to have fun.